Why I Admire This Coach Crying Tears of Joy for Christ

Louisville Head Baseball Coach Dan McDonnell

Louisville Head Baseball Coach Dan McDonnell

Leadership. Something we as Americans are thirsty for. After living through the last 6 years of blaming others, apologies which are later taken back, and lie after lie being told by those within this Administration, it is easy to see why Americans might have the lowest sense of moral and confidence in what a leader should be.

Dan McDonnell, the Head Baseball Coach for the University of Louisville baseball team, broke down in tears on Saturday at a press conference. However, as he described, these were tears of joy because of the men on this team. See, Dan is a very strong Christian who is open about his faith and actively prays for the men on his team. During Saturday’s press conference, Coach McDonnell humbly described how it was not he who was taking his team to the College World Series Championships in Omaha; rather it is his team who is taking him.

Whether you are a college baseball fan or not, I encourage you to watch this clip as it is a true display of man of faith who is honest enough to openly express his strong prayer life, his servant’s heart and his devotion to his team.

It’s a man like this who shows the next generation what leadership is truly about, not the men who we see standing up behind podiums in the Rose Garden or sitting behind a desk signing legislation that benefits themselves over the people they represent.

A friend of mine who used to be a former baseball player for Vanderbilt University sent me this video and told me that the current Vanderbilt baseball coach is a good friend of Coach Donnelly’s and will be facing them in the first round in Omaha.   Coach Tim Corbin also actively recruits Christians to his team and is not afraid to incorporate faith and prayer into their every day schedule.   Throughout the season, I heard several mention of gratefulness to his players and mentions of faith and how blessed the team was regardless of whether they had won or not.

Most parents today could only dream of having these kinds of mentors influence their children at some point of their life. Men and women who would not be afraid to teach their players lessons that would go beyond the playing field. 

But alas, you will not hear these stories being shared in the mainstream media. These men will not be put on a national stage to serve as role models. Instead, we will continue to see news stories filled with negative influences and examples of pop culture icons oozing with disrespect and disregard for others. However, it is moments like this, which show me not only does good still exist in this country, but more importantly true leaders do as well.

8 thoughts on “Why I Admire This Coach Crying Tears of Joy for Christ”

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  2. This is the kind of coach I would want my kids learning from. He sounds both well grounded in his philosophies and in his faith. Tell it like it is Coach McDonell!

  3. Takes a man with confidence to be able to show his emotions. Keep it up coach, whether you want the credit or not you have touched to lives of your coaches, players fans and now us. God bless

  4. He is a great coach, he was the assistant head coach at Ole Miss before he went to be the coach at Louisville. HOTTY TODDY!!!

  5. I admire a man who humbles himself before other men. It is hard to sacrifice your own rep gains these days and it totally wins my heart to hear a story such as this. God Bless this man and his family and team.

  6. Having known Dan McDonald for over 10 years I can truly say that these young men are BLESSED to have him as their Head Coach. He is a great example of what a Head Coach should be in character, demeanor, work ethic and discipline. Unfortunately, he is a minority in his field but a shining light to many young coaches to imitate as they make their way in college sport, as well as to his players.

    Thank you Dan!
    Greg Legg

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