This is Not a Scandal

Obama and Jay-Z
I’m beginning to realize that we are performing a major injustice when we call all of the events of the past year “scandals”. Scandals are what soap operas base their story lines off of. Scandals are actions of a President and his intern in the Oval Office. I will even admit that breaking into a private office to search for dirt on your opponent can be considered a scandal.

However, what we are talking about with this administration is the infringement of American’s constitutional rights, the use of the government to target our own citizens, and most importantly, the death of three former Navy Seals and an American ambassador. I consider this to be far more than just scandalous; I consider this to be more in the category of betrayal.

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4 thoughts on “This is Not a Scandal”

  1. Or less scandelous and more traitorous, I agree Scottie! These people have violated all but 2 of our bill of rights. Not a scandal, more a travesty, more a robbery, more a direct blow against our constitution and bill of rights by the largest government ever assembled in the history of the world and growing. Growing with marxist, progressive, communist, leanings by an out of control exec., senate, and scotus trampling our american values and the peoples’ constitutional rights.

  2. This even goes way beyond betrayal! This is treason. High crimes and misdemeanors, and barry, hitlery, and holder, maybe even rice must answer for it! The ONLY answer is criminal investigation and maximum penalty as an example, so those who try this again will have something to look forward to. Why is it not happening yet? Where are all the liewyers and judges that dole out severe penalties for menial crimes? Why are “WE THE PEOPLE” allowing this hypocrite liar and thief to continue destroying our great protestant republic?

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