The Face of Bitter Journalism Today

Democrats still don’t get it. Maybe some do but they are not talking to their comrads in the Party as I continuously keep hearing them have multiple excuses as to why they suffered a devastating loss in November.
Hillary, the Russians, Hillary, voter fraud, Bill, etc. the list goes on.
What is not surprising is the list of reasons why they lost usually is farthest from the obvious truth with their excuse de jour usually involves an insult towards an individual, a demographic or a group of people. Because of this, it’s no wonder why there is a rise of hate crimes against Conservatives, Republicans & Trump supporters since Election Day.
The latest comes from former Obama speech writer now turned podcaster Jon Lovett. I think it is safe to say most Americans (including the Democrats) have no clue who Jon is and there is probably a good reason why. Because prior to losing his job, he was one of those ghosts who everyone knew exist but didn’t pay any attention to because his job was solely to make President Obama sound good. Any genius line or brilliant point Jon thought of, the credit was always rightfully given to the man who actually spoke it.
This must have been incredibly frustrating always seeing someone else get credit for your thoughts and research even if you were paid to do it and it was the President of the United States. It was obvious, Jon has a lot of built up anger inside because his appearance on CNN Brian Stelter’s Reliable Sources on Sunday was oozing with bitterness, cursing and targeted insults.
The typical liberal media puppets applauded his appearance saying it was truth and honesty which needed to finally be said. I find this peculiar considering it was like the Cleveland Browns negatively critiquing the New England Patriots after their Super Bowl win and all of those who were defeated by the Patriots in the playoffs cheering.
To Jon’s credit he knows how to make a call to action of his base and fellow liberal likeminded journalist, springing them to action like a kid who just had a pixie stick for the first time and wants to be rewarded with more.
“So often on CNN there’s a world class journalist…” he started off his commentary knowing there is nothing more coveted by a journalist then to have their egos stroked hoping the compliment would seal their loyalty as he launched into his bitter rant.
Jon continued, “…interviewing campaign rejects and ideologues and silly, craven people who do not care about informing people, that aren’t there to help people understand what’s going on in the news.” A statement like this can only come from the depth of a very dark soul.
First, if someone who wrote speeches for President Obama cannot see the strategy which was used by the Trump campaign in sending people into unfriendly media then I would really question the political depth of the so called “experts” in the Democratic Party.
One of reasons why Donald J. Trump won was because he had a line of defenders who were not cowards who only stayed and played in their own sandbox. President Trump had a team outside of the campaign who individually did their own research and had the conviction to go into known liberal media circles and disrupt the narrative. These defenders suffered incredible verbal and written abuse from the left because they dared to point out the false TP’s of the Clinton campaign as well as the large amount of corruption which plagued the DNC. No doubt those defenders on the right who were willing to go day after day fighting for their candidate on shows where not only was their viewpoint outnumbered by other guests but in many cases they had to respectfully take on a biased host as well. But they were fearless and they knew while they were almost guaranteed to be the villain and demonized by the blood thirsty click bate left wing vampires waiting to tear them to shreds within minutes of the segment ending, they continued to say yes to every request.
Unlike the snowflakes of the Clinton campaign and the DNC who did everything they could to remain in their safe space. Outside of already signed contributors, rarely did you see a Clinton defender on deemed more Conservative media outlets and shows. Hannity, Oreilly, Judge Judy, and various talk radio shows had the same rotation of names and it was far from consistent especially if there was a Clinton controversy in the headlines.
It is almost guaranteed Producers asked but either Clinton defenders didn’t have enough knowledge to handle the tough questions about policy points and justification. Or they simply wrote off the audience of those media outlets. Either way, their strategy was a losing one as with the loss of over 1000 seats in State Government from sea to shining sea, no capturing of either the House or the Senate and the loss of the White House, it doesn’t make much sense for Democrat mouthpieces like Jon to continue throwing insults and punches.
It’s like Jon still believes his Party can still get away with bully tactics. They want to ignore the truth of why they lost so much in November and they will just wake up tomorrow morning and their world of love and tolerance is only for those who agree with their line of thought and the rest of us deserve whatever evil we encourage against you.
What they don’t realize is we finally have someone willing to fight back on our behalf. Not only is he more powerful but he doesn’t have allegiance to anyone who might be able to tether him with puppet strings therefore he can swing at whomever is needed to be shown a bit of their own medicine. But time and time again liberals and progressives have been shown, if President Trump chooses to get in a fight, he will not do it recreationally. He will fight with all of his might to win. He is a bully to the bullies and it’s journalistic actions of those like Jon which made the American electorate demand change.
Therefore, next time a liberal decides to throw a temper tantrum and insult those who had more wisdom and insight to pick the correct candidate all along, please make sure you realize that it is not just the Trump supporter you are naming, but also the millions who elected President Trump as well as the Commander in Chief himself and are you really so ignorantly bullish to think this is a battle you can actually win?
Ps- Before you call the lawyers, elected officials, former elected officials, known grassroots activist, successful broadcasters and former White House GOP officials on CNN “.. campaign rejects and ideologues and silly, craven people who do not care about informing people,” who got it right. Maybe you should critique your own background of being a math major who tried to be a comic who failed only to try and booster a bad Democratic candidate in 08 named Hillary and was later given a job where no one ever knows your name in the Obama White House. Your only real claim to accomplishment is producing two shows no longer on air and are now doing a podcast.
This was an either a loud cry for help or an immature publicity stunt. Either way, it was pathetic as their is no place for prejudices like yours in a Country of mine filled with patriotism.