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Assault & Flattery: My Take On Katie Pavlich’s New Book


Come this fall, students at universities across the United States will be starting their new school year. They’ll attend classes with names like “The Evolution of American Women’s Studies,” “Women & Gender Studies,” or “Feminism and the Fate of the Planet.” In fact, most universities now offer multiple fields of study in feminism, gender, and women’s studies. They have more loony course options about sex and sexuality than math and science.

And in almost every case, those students will be lied to. About the victimization of women at the hands of Republicans. About the God-given differences between men and women. About the importance of the family.

In 1969 Cornell University offered the country’s first accredited “Women’s Studies” course. Now you can earn a Ph.D. in Women’s Studies at more then 16 institutions across the United States.. It’s all part of an effort to promote “understanding” “diversity,” and “tolerance.” And in the process, they’re being shielded from any point of view that dissents from the dogma of radical feminism.

This is where conservative women in America today have a higher calling to educate society. And most importantly, it’s where women of a younger generation have an especially crucial role in debunking this false history, in advancing the truth about the Left and how the real culprits in the War on Women are Democrats and liberals. Boldly stepping up to the plate is one of the Conservative movements most well known ladies Katie Pavlich and her new book, Assault and Flattery.

Like Katie herself, the book title and the words within are sharp, factual, and hard-hitting but with a gloss of feminine polish. Assault & Flattery takes on how the conservative movement has been smeared and falsely accused of taking “sexist” stances on gun control and abortion. Assault and Flattery masterfully documents how the left has twisted the narrative to portray only one side of the story – the side of the story that demonizes members of the GOP.

Just as important, Assault and Flattery gives specific examples of how hypocritical the left is and where Democrat leaders like Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are actually the ones most guilty of limiting the role of women in society by treating them as sex-crazed sluts in urgent need of free birth control and government-subsidized abortions. It downgrades the most sacred role of society—that of mother, that of child-rearing — by making women cheap political props.

The left bases most of their arguments on distortions and manipulated facts. There’s only one antidote: the truth. If you arm yourself with the information found within Pavlich’s latest book, anyone who repeats the left’s tired talking points about the GOP’s War on Women is going to find themselves quickly silenced with the facts.

Opinion: Boehner Is the Most Intelligent Man Today in Politics

For the past few years, I have felt almost sorry for the Speaker of the House. I thought of him as a sensitive fellow who needed a good shrink to help him deal with his emotions almost as much as he needed a good tanning consultant. ow, however my opinion has drastically changed as it is obvious Speaker of the House is the most intelligent man in Congress today.

Who else could get an entire Party to basically guarantee his reelection in two years by bringing the most sought after Republican dance to his home state. While winning his Primary with 74% of the vote, this is the lowest percentage that Boehner has been reelected by and with his attack on the Tea Party as well as almost every Conservative initiative, it is not to far off to think the Speaker was getting a bit worried. Plus, with the recent ousting of his second in command Eric Cantor, I can see why Boehner might be feeling a little insecure.

Insecure enough that almost within days of Cantor’s ousting did Boehner introduce the rumor of suing the President. Talk, which seemed very aggressive and strong but left most scratching their head at the vagueness of what specifically the lawsuit would be based on. However, weeks later, just after the leadership vote occurred and the House decided to put another moderate back as 2nd in Command, Boehner’s bluff is being called as he has once again fallen back to his weak ways and says he disagrees with the beginning of an impeachment trials for the President. “You don’t bring a lawsuit to a gunfight, and there’s no room for lawyers on our front lines,” Sarah Palin said in an interview on Sean Hannity regarding the influx of illegals over the U.S. border calling it “the last straw” and adding that a message needed to be sent to President Obama that he is “not an imperial president.”

This is a message that Speaker Boehner can virtually ignore just like he has been ignoring the conservative opinion for the past few years. With the announcement that the RNC will be held in Cleveland, it’s safe to say the City of Glee was sold to the convention committee with the idea that this would increase the chances of coloring the crucial state of Ohio red in the 2016 election cycle.

Nothing against my friends in Ohio, but truth be told, the RNC is beginning to have as much luck as the Heisman Trophy. Just look at the past host cities of Tampa, Minneapolis, Philadelphia, San Diego and New York City. How many times is the convention committee going to fall for this song and dance before they realize that, unfortunately, this is not the best reasoning to choose a host city? Then again, this same leadership is probably the same geniuses (insert sarcasm) who have continuously put moderates like Romney, McCain and Dole at the top of the ticket and scratched their heads in absolute amazement when we lost over and over again.

Now with the RNC announcing their convention in Cleveland, the next two years are going to be a breeze for Boehner to continue his leadership of destroying the Republican Party from within by distancing themselves farther and farther from the center Right. What is surprising to me that after the conservatives gave the Majority of House seats to the GOP in 2010, those in the House continue to put him in the Captain’s chair.

Which brings me back to my original point that Speaker Boehner has to be the most intelligent man in politics today.   Whatever he is saying or doing in regards to his fellow House members is obviously working as they choose time and time again to put him back in command with little to no resistance.

Then again, do you think the people on the Titanic would vote to oust the Captain of the ship the night before it sunk either?