President Obama’s Taxpayer-Funded UAW Event

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I can think of many great reasons to visit Chattanooga, TN. One can take a ride on the famous Chattanooga Choo Choo. Or one can see 7 states from a ledge in Rock City and if you are a fan of art and jellyfish, the Tennessee Aquarium has the perfect exhibit for you. However, of all the glorious things that should attract you to the beautiful City of Chattanooga, putting pressure on one of the most successful car companies to include an organization, which has a track record of bankrupting its host, should not be. Yet, President Obama on Tuesday will be doing just that. Under the cover of President Obama’s campaign to sell his budget, I can assure you that it is by no coincidence that his visit is occurring at the same time Volkswagen is being pressured to accept the UAW into its Chattanooga factory.

The United Auto Workers have tried every other option at this point, including calling in a favor with the union that resides in Volkswagen’s home plant in Germany. Originally, the IG Metall, which is the umbrella union for the workers in Germany, were reserved when it came to getting involved in the UAW’s plans. Recently, however, something changed in the dynamic which led to the IG Metall’s President Bertholder Huber addressing a letter to the VW workers encouraging them to welcome the UAW into their workplace. This endorsement as well as an aggressive PR campaign which includes billboards, advertisements and other marketing materials have increasingly become more prominent not only in Chattanooga, but as well as throughout the entire State of Tennessee.

But, it doesn’t look like the UAW’s normal campaign of propaganda is succeeding. Therefore, its time to call in the big dog himself and hope your investment of $148,967 into the re-election of President Obama does the trick.

However, didn’t the UAW and President Obama do their research enough to realize that Tennessee is a Right-to-Work State that is governed by predominantly Republican officials? With only the states of Oklahoma and South Carolina bleeding a deeper red than Tennessee, wouldn’t they realize the people of Tennessee are intelligent enough to not want the economic doom of GM, Chrysler, and Ford to fall on the factory which has brought more then 3,350 jobs to the Volunteer State?

Granted, many Tennessee conservatives might debate on whether Senator Corker, Senator Alexander, and Governor Haslam belong more in the RINO category than with the elephants. The fact is that all of them have an R next to their name when it comes to the voting booth. However, with Senator Corker having a 40% rating and Senator Alexander having a 41% rating by the Heritage Action Scorecard, both which are less then the Democrat Rep. Jim Cooper from Nashville, maybe the UAW thinks there might be some weakness amongst the Republican ranks and these political leaders just might be twisted to help with their plan. This might be the thought especially considering the fact that Senator Corker is the former Mayor of Chattanooga who was praised for revitalizing this once economically challenged city, as well as one of the few Republican Senators who recently dined at the White House with President Obama. In addition, he offered the Corker-Hoeven Amendment on the Immigration Bill that was not so popular with conservatives. Even in the past, Senator Corker faulted the Bush White House when it came to negotiating with the UAW in 2008. His counterpart, Senator Lamar Alexander is facing a re-election year and, while there is no serious challenger emerging, its no secret the conservative base in Tennessee as well as beyond are intensely hunting for a candidate. This makes for a very nervous senator and only a few remedies (i.e. campaign contributions) calm them down.

Regardless, the Republican Party of the Volunteer State is not taking a chance on the man who was elected as a Community Organizer of Volunteers by rolling out the welcoming mat this Tuesday. In fact, the TNGOP produced a short film, which highlights why Tennessee is succeeding in job creation, despite the liberal policies of the Obama Administration, just in case President Obama didn’t do his research.

View TNGOP Commercial “Welcome to Chattanooga-Welcome to America”.

I have faith that President Obama’s visit will not do much in this debate and organizations like Citizens for Free Markets and, who are leading the fight against the UAW, will eventually be successful in keeping the Chattanooga plant from unionizing. The facts are simple and I can guarantee the Volkswagen plant workers do not want to see the same fate which fell on their trade in Detroit fall on themselves. They also realize that if the UAW is successful in bringing their organization into the Volkswagen plant, their equivalents at the Nissan plants both in Tennessee and Mississippi will have an even more difficult time in resisting the labor unions’ disease which, eventually like most diseases, results in economic death for a company.

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