Obama to U.S. Military: STAND DOWN

Benghazi 2

Fires raged throughout the consulate and nearby CIA annex. In a solitary corner of the compound, the American flag lay torn, singed and soiled. Inside, Christopher Stevens struggled for his last breath of air. He could hear shouts and gunfire outside. None of that, however, was from his comrades.

There would be no help on the night of September 11, 2012.

That was because the U.S. military was given the order from Washington to “stand down.”

In closed door hearings on Capitol Hill today, Congress will ask military commanders with responsibility for forces in and around Benghazi who exactly relayed that order and why. But a closer look at this administration’s record reveals that standing down is a recurring theme. It is an implicit order that is given to the military every day in the Obama administration. It is part of a decade-long dream by the left to neuter our military and ensure that they are no longer able to be the shock troops for a nation that they believe is at the root of the world’s ills.

From Vietnam to Iraq, the left believes the military is an instrument for killing civilians and committing war crimes. The Left long has demonstrated an animus to America’s military. During the Vietnam War, left-wing activists bombed draft boards, threw blood on the Pentagon, and dug graves in the yards of public officials to protest what they saw as the depravity of America’s fighting force. In the Carter and Clinton administrations, this animus was heightened. President Clinton for example faced a stunning backlash over his attempt to allow gays to serve openly in the military, earning a rebuke from military leaders. Clinton, who never served in uniform, had a tense relationship with the military at best.

In Barack Obama, the left has a champion of the Blame-America-First worldview, and a closer look at his defense policies from military sequestration to gays in the military to women in combat reveals how openly he has embraced the politics of standing down. The goal is nothing less than eroding the mission and values of the strongest military in the world and forever reducing its capabilities.

Why, you might ask, would our President wish for this fate? Shouldn’t the Commander in Chief’s first priority be to preserve the leading military superpower in the world? Not if your allegiance is to a progressive doctrine and your associates and advisors throughout life have instilled you an animosity for the U.S. military.

Over the last five years, Americans have seen the repeal of the Don’t Ask Don’t Tell policy. Obama Pentagon officials have taken the next step by celebrating a homosexual lifestyle within our Armed Forces by hosting events like this past week’s Gay Pride Day at the Pentagon and initializing gay sensitivity training in the Marine Corps.

We have watched the longstanding tradition of keeping our women off of the front lines of combat erased and wartime rules of engagement changed in the name of “gender equality.”

Under the umbrella of political correctness, our military was forced to open their arms to radical Islamists who call our military infidels and sworn enemies. Such as in the case of Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan and the Ft. Hood shooting as well as in the case of Ft. Campbell’s PFC Naser Jason Addo who was convicted of attempting to use a weapon of mass destruction to blow up a restaurant filled with troops.

Other policies have been put in place to discourage the best from enlisting and becoming commissioned officers. ROTC programs have come under assault at top Colleges. Military branches like the Navy are being told they will be reducing their tuition assistance programs.

“Sequestration” and the cutting of hundreds of billions of dollars from the defense budget, an idea that was hatched inside the Obama White House, is proving devastating the military’s readiness and morale. Training exercises are being canceled. Ships are being mothballed and aircraft taken out of service.

All of this while our military is being demonized by pop culture. In 2011, well known rap artist Soulja Boy released a video which included the words “F**k the troops,” and Psy a Korean music artist whose fame came to him in America for his song Gangnam Style, released a song promoting the killing of American Soldiers.

Hollywood has also done a great job of villainizing our Military men and women with the making of movies like “JarHead,” “Three Kings,” and the upcoming release of “The Invisible War,” a documentary that aims to put a spotlight on the issue of sexual assault in the military.

The ultimate goal is clear – to neuter America’s military as an effective fighting machine and encourage the development of a global “peacekeeping” force. This is in keeping with the Harvard-Bill Ayers-Ivory Tower distrust and hostility to the American military and preference for a “multipolar” world. The result is an America unable and unwilling to defend its own borders and threats to its people. The war on the military is real. And with eight years with Barack Obama as Commander in Chief, the damage may well prove irreversible.

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    1. He hates Christians . Remember the remark about clinging to our Bibles and guns? He has to break our economy before he can do his takeover and that is what he is working on gleefully with no fear because Fox is the only ones doing there job and telling the people what is going on. our media is in the tank to the communist George Soros who funds Obama

    1. What about the whole village of women and children Christians and the man they killed and cut his heart out and was eating it. Even Putin says how wrong it is to arm people like that

  1. All the article says is true. What I am very concerned with is the number of good military leaders that have left, or been forced to leave. They were very talented men with skills we need. Who will they be replaced with, Muslims?

        1. No but they generally make great nurses and moral support for those who are wounded or dying.

    1. That’s about the size of it Linda..he’s bringing them silently in.. they live among us.. beware.

    2. Linda those men and women that are leaving due to obama well become Patriots and fight along with the people that stand up for a proud America

        1. I’m sure you’re right,most of the military will be on our side because we’re different from the rest of the world.we’ve had real freedom for so long we won’t want to give it up & our military has sworn an oath to defend the constitution,and they are all of us.all obama has is paid leeches & welfare recipients

    3. They would at least be friendly to Muslims if not part of the group. You are also correct all the good military traders have been forced to retire. All that is left now are a** kissers who want to keep their job. These people need to read the oath they took and it was not an allegiance to the president. It was the constitution. The only person that swears an allegiance to the president is the enlisted man. Military officers do not.

      The military in Egypt has given the gov. 48 hours to clean this up are get out. I would love to see the face of Obama if the military kicked the door of his office in and arrested him. DHS better have more than a lot of ammo and rifles to try and protect the king. This will never happen here all the good leaders are gone and all that is left is the a** kissers.

    4. Question is how to press them into service of the Free Militia if they have not already gotten involved?

    5. the ones he doesn’t bring in openly he allows to come across the southern border,where if found obama won’t allow to be deported or put on trial.the illegal that needs to be on trial first is the one in the most expensive govt welfare house in America,1600 pennsylvania ave.

  2. This is an hour long video that is so packed full of detailed information, you will want to watch it in chunks, but watch it. It explains so much of the Obama mentality and what he, and others, are trying to accomplish with a Marxist agenda to destroy America. http://youtu.be/vFDwtCSfuJI

  3. After world war II the biggest mistake was to not form an International wars crime tribunal, it is utopia to believe that Government will not be corrupt, and that the world any time soon will be wars free. The USA Government is not immune from corruption, matter of facts in 1948 went along with siding in the interests of Israel, which is a foreign interest incompatible with our laws. America have to be only for Americans not exception allowed, emotional issues are not permitted in a court of true law for obvious reasons…..

  4. 6 Muslims “The Muslim Brotherhood Infiltrates Obama Administration by Obama’s appointing Them There!

    These guys are not intelligent in any way but like obama they are muslims with ties to the Jihad and Hamas and Al-Qaeda.

    who can quickly get government and military information to them and are able to illegally bring muslim militants under the radar quietly.

    into the USA bypassing all immigration laws.

    Arif Alikhan – Assistant Secretary for Policy Development for the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

    Mohammed Elibiary – Homeland Security Adviser.

    Rashad Hussain – Special Envoy to the (OIC) Organization of the Islamic Conference.

    Salam al-Marayati – Obama Adviser, founder of Muslim Public Affairs Council and its current executive director.

    Imam Mohamed Magid – Obama’s Sharia Czar, Islamic Society of North America.

    Eboo Patel – Advisory Council on Faith-Based Neighborhood Partnerships.


      1. Thank you for replying in a positive way against obama who is a corrupt muslim militant trying to destroy this country for all but republican heterosexual males. I hope we can rise up against his ways and hve a second revolution however we can and defeat this muslim agenda, gay activist, black liberal left agenda and womens liberal left agenda.

  5. of course they’ll be replaced by muslims we need to impeach Obama or get rid of him all the things he has done and nothing done to him why congress had better step up to the plate instead of being scared chickens with their heads cut off if they cant they need to step down and let someone do who will everyone is scared of bama except the American people maybe we should all stand up .

    1. @Carol over half the Congress has sided with Obama they well never impeach him it’s up to We The People to take him down along with his Racist wife and family.

      1. You should have said over half the Senate, which is the branch that prosecutes an impeachment. Prosecution will not happen with the current bunch in the Senate, so there isn’t much point in the House initiating an impeachment.

    2. yes we need to stand up go to DC in droves and demand he step down.
      We have had enough of his intimidation, lies, control, and socialistic ideologies. We don’t want it. But he still keeps coming with more of the same.

  6. I do believe that bama is the antichrist or the beginning of him weve got to defend ourselves and get rid of him

    1. I believe, and always have believed, he either is the anti-christ or someone laying the path for the anti-christ. Now I really think he is laying the path!!

      1. I totally agree. He is laying the path. He wants to take over as a dictator himself you can tell.Just like the other dictators they don’t care how the people live as long as they have luxury.All dictators have their loyal followers. They always end the same way. God will deal with them in a way they won’t like. They all deny Christianity just like Obama. God says if we will repent and turn from our wicked ways and pray and he will restore our nation. Stop the murdering women that says it is their right to kill a human life just because they let it begin in their bodies is the first step. We must stop this horrendous act.This is nothing to be proud of girls

    2. Maybe the son of perdition? Either way he is “part of” the body of Anti-Christ. Anyone who does not believe in Christ is part of the Anti-Christ, because He said “If you are not with Me you are against Me” and being against Him is to be Anti-Christ. I hope that cleared things up a bit?

  7. Obama has brought this country down to a joke in the eyes of the rest of the world for only one reason–he is an anti-american Muslim who intentionally has degraded this great republic with every action he has taken or failed to take. Good riddance in 2016.

  8. It’s going to get even worse. Now the gays in the military will only want to wiggle their fannies at the enemy.

  9. I agree with most of your findings. However, you said, “From Vietnam to Iraq, the left believes the military is an instrument for killing civilians and committing war crimes. ” This is misleading dialog because Obama has used the military to slaughter tens of thousands of civilians in his pursuit of an Islamic Caliphate. Sadly, our Military broke their oath and carried out Obama’s war crimes. Throughout history, Advanced Socialist Parties like Hitler, Lenin, and Mao have proven their will to slaughter their advisories in an effort to cleans their populations of “traitors.” Obama is no different than the despots of yesterday. He uses the military to accomplish his evil objectives.

  10. hes building his own private lil army in the dhs and irs while decimating the armerican military,,hmmm anyone figure it out on theyre own or do you need a guide drawn out in crayon for you ,be ready and be vigilant the time grows very short

  11. I’m not sure the left really believes that the American military is a threat to the poor civilians in oppressed countries. That’s their rationale for wanting to neuter the military. As with everything they have to have victims in whose name they commit their crimes against freedom.

    What they want, Obama in particular, is the decimation of the power and prominence of the United States because we and Israel are the two logs in the road of progress to one socialist world. Americans are waking up. The question is whether it’s too late.

  12. How many Generals and Top Brass has Obummer gotten rid of ???
    Obamma is responsible for Bengazi Libia and Syria I believe he is
    Guilty of Incompetence Treason and a Traitor to the People and
    Constitution of the United States !

      1. Impeachment

        I Think we need to clean the House and Senate First of
        Progressive Democrates and Rino Republicans!
        Are you listening Senators McSnake and his Puppy Dog
        Lindsay Graham.
        Rinos Senators Marco Rubio and Flake can also ride the
        rail out of town !
        No more Communist Politicians!

        Enough Already !

  13. Couple all the above with 50% of the citizenry being totally dependent on the government for daily sustenance by 2016 and we have a country no longer willing to defend even itself. The real unemployment figure is 20% now.

    Add an increasingly valueless dollar, an economy which inanely counts spending as part of its gross national product (consuming, which is the opposite of producing) so that slightly increased spending is fed to us as an improving economy, And it is, for China who produces.

    The author speaks of the dismantling of our military as irreversible. I don’t totally agree, but the cost of building it back up will be prohibitively daunting. (More insanely astronomic debt.)

    And, finally, I predict that by 2024, the U.N. will choose our president. Congress and the Judiciary will be fully irrelevant by then, being little more than a speed bump for the Obamanistas even now.

  14. The reason the order to stand down was giver was because it wasn’t a terrorist attack. It was a botched hostage exchange between the US and al qaeda trading Ambassador Stevens for the Blind Sheik. The US was afraid to bomb the building for fear of killing the Ambassador. The 2 Navy seals were supposed to stand down but instead took it upon themselves to fight for the Ambassador, which was not the US’s plan and started a firefight. When the decoy guards felt betrayed by Obama because of the 2 seals defending the embassy, they turned and attacked the embassy and killed them all.

    1. Yeah,right-just where did you get that fairy tale from?
      It is the biggest bunch of utter bullsh*t posted here today.

  15. the good news is 20 million muslims in egypt protesting sharia law….brotherhood is in trouble …..obama you’re next

  16. I used to believe our country was strong enough to get through a lousy president. After all we made it through Jimmy Carter. At least Jimmy Carter served his country. At least he was an American. I am not so sure now. I have a very hard time believing Obama is incompetent. He is actively destroying this country. Is it too late to stop him? Americans have let him do what he wants without demonstrating their anger and demanding that he behave like an AMERICAN president. His first allegience is as a Muslim and and as a communist. What about demanding that our representatives and Senators represent us? The military defending THIS country is a constitutional requirement. What about demanding that our Constitution is upheld instead of shredded. People are struggling so hard economically, I believe they are not paying attention.
    Linda and Gina the “Prez” has been filling very sensitive positions in his administration with Muslims. Check it out. It is scary

  17. There is no doubt our government elected to allow those people to be “Hung Out to Dry”. To die at the hands of an angry mob is a most un-savory death would you not agree? Imagine the feeling those men had when they were abandoned by our government? Terrifying~! Only a true DESPOT would allow this to happen. What a Scum Bag Obama is to say the least. Piss on him.

  18. Not mothballing fighter jets, we are giving them to the Islamists in Egypt together with 1.6 billion dollars and depriving our poor of vital benifits. Obama calls it friendship , any other country would call it TREACHERY!

  19. this article is garbage. cannot point to a single fact or instance where obama told the military to ‘stand down’. nothing but crap and empty rhetoric.

  20. Muslims will never run this country I would take 20 of them out before I would go! I will never let them rule over me! Jesus is my savior!

  21. This a story that we the people should not led down because it’s Obama fault that the 4 American die of which they should never died

  22. Just wait, Obama’s dream is to make US military under UN control, which is controlled by non other than Muslims

    1. National Constitutional Sheriffs’ Association, LLC


      NCSA Mission

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  23. The USA Is In Deep Doo Doo !!! I Really Don’t Believe This Country Can Survive 3 and a half more years of this idiot in the White House !!!

  24. Don’t let this scumbag keep destorying our Military,and our nation! Assassanate this Communist Muslim Pig allready,and stop the insanity!!

  25. Don’t let this scumbag keep destorying our Military,and our nation! Assassanate this Communist Muslim Pig allready,and stop the insanity!!

  26. The giant has awakened! former Judge Andrew NapolitanoMonday, July 1, 2013 / NCSA Team


    Which is more dangerous to personal liberty in a free society: a renegade who tells an inconvenient truth about government lawbreaking, or government officials who lie about what the renegade revealed? That’s the core issue in the great public debate this summer, as Americans come to the realization that their government has concocted a system of laws violative of the natural law, profoundly repugnant to the Constitution and shrouded in secrecy.

    The liberty of which I write is the right to privacy: the right to be left alone. The framers jealously and zealously guarded this right by imposing upon government agents intentionally onerous burdens before letting them invade it. They did so in the Fourth Amendment, using language that permits the government to invade that right only in the narrowest of circumstances.

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    The linchpin of those circumstances is “probable cause” of evidence of crime in “the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.” If the government cannot tell a judge specifically what evidence of crime it is looking for and precisely from whom, a judge may not issue a search warrant, and privacy – the natural human yearning that comes from within all of us – will remain where it naturally resides, outside the government’s reach.

    Congress is the chief culprit here, because it has enacted laws that have lowered the constitutional bar the feds must meet for judges to issue search warrants. And it has commanded that this be done in secret.

    And I mean secret.

    The judges of the FISA court – the court empowered by Congress to issue search warrants on far less than probable cause, and without describing the places to be searched or the persons or things to be seized – are not permitted to retain any records of their work. They cannot use their own writing materials or carry BlackBerries or iPhones in their own courtrooms, chambers or conference rooms. They cannot retain copies of any documents they’ve signed. Only National Security Agency staffers can keep these records.

    Indeed, when Edward Snowden revealed a copy of an order signed by FISA court Judge Roger Vinson – directing Verizon to turn over phone records of all of its 113,000,000 U.S. customers in direct and profound violation of the individualized probable cause commanded by the Constitution – Vinson himself did not have a copy of that order. Truly, this is the only court in the country in which the judges keep no records of their rulings.

    Judge Napolitano’s brand new book explains how the government is taking your constitutional freedoms and how you can fight back: “The Freedom Answer Book”

    At the same time Vinson signed that order, NSA staffers, in compliance with their statutory obligations, told select members of Congress about it, and they, too, were sworn to secrecy. Oregon Democratic Sen. Ron Wyden was so troubled when he learned this – a terrible truth that he agreed not to reveal – that he mused aloud that the Obama administration had a radical and terrifying interpretation of certain national security statutes.

    But he did more than muse about it. He asked Gen. James Clapper, the director of national intelligence, who was under oath and at a public congressional hearing, whether his spies were gathering data on millions of Americans. Clapper said no. The general later acknowledged that his answer was untruthful, but he claimed it was the “least untruthful” reply he could have given. This “least untruthful” nonsense is not a recognized defense to the crime of perjury.

    After we learned that the feds are spying on nearly all Americans, that they possess our texts and emails and have access to our phone conversations, Gen. Keith Alexander, who runs the NSA, was asked under oath whether his spies have the ability to read emails and listen to telephone calls. He answered, “No, we don’t have that authority.” Since the questioner – FBI agent turned Rep. Mike Rogers – was in cahoots with the general in keeping Americans in the dark about unconstitutional search warrants, there was no follow-up question. In a serious public interrogation, a committee chair interested in the truth would have directed the general to answer the question that was asked.

    Since that deft and misleading act, former NSA staffers have told Fox News that the feds can read any email and listen to any phone call, and Alexander and Rogers know that. So Alexander’s “no,” just like his boss’s “no,” was a lie at worst and seriously misleading at best.

    This is not an academic argument. The oath to tell the truth – “the whole truth and nothing but the truth” – also makes those who intentionally mislead Congress subject to prosecution for perjury.

    President Obama is smarter than his generals. He smoothly told a friendly interviewer and while not under oath that the feds are not listening to our phone calls or reading our emails. He, of course, could not claim that they lack the ability to do so, because we all now know that he knows they can.

    These Snowden revelations continue to cast light on the feds when they prefer darkness. Whatever one thinks of Snowden’s world-traveling odyssey to avoid the inhumane treatment the feds visited upon Bradley Manning, another whistleblower who exposed government treachery, he has awakened a giant. The giant is a public that has had enough of violations of the Constitution and lies to cover them up. The giant is fed up with menial politicians and their media allies demonizing the messenger because his message embarrasses the government by revealing that it is unworthy of caring for the Constitution.

    Think about that: The very people in whose hands we have reposed the Constitution for preservation, protection, defense and enforcement have subverted it.

    Snowden spoke the truth. Knowing what would likely befall him for his truthful revelations and making them nevertheless was an act of heroism and patriotism. Thomas Paine once reminded the framers that the highest duty of a patriot is to protect his countrymen from their government. We need patriots to do that now more than ever.

  27. NCSA1.ORG

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  28. No, liberals do not think the military kills civilians and commits war crimes. Liberals believe the military is run by those who kill civilians and commit war crimes. Just because they were not a ” Boot on the Ground” in Vietnam, IRAQ,…does not mean they are any less war criminals without concern for “collateral damage”.

  29. That’s the same thing the military basically told during 9/11. Our government leaders are so corrupt it’s scary. It won’t be long that just complaining about how corrupt they are will be illegal.

  30. Once Obama said Treyvon Martin could be his son –
    he lost all presidential power and now Obama has no power a president.
    Once the attack happened – any and all documents that those who survived signed under pressure and threats and duress are not binding in any way.
    Instead they, congress, allow these people who survived and signed to bring those signed documents in front of congress and TV and tell who made them sign these illegal documents and this will make the story that obama and clinton paid these muslim militants money to so called protect this embassy more true and not a fable. Now we know that obama and clinton had these muslims killed these Americans on purpose. You can’t have people sign documents to be silent after any tragedy. That makes you who are behind the documents the criminals and you just confessed to the crimes.
    These people who survived and witnessed everything can and are allowed to talk. All congress has to say is that those documents are invalid and were signed under pressure, threats, stress and duress and those documents are invalid. The Highest Supreme Court would also agree with this.

  31. Vote all republican this next round and push out the pathetic immoral liberal left democratic agenda.

  32. Gay sensitivity training in the US Marine Corps? WTF? Time for the POTUS to be arrested for breaking his oath of office. There are at least ten charges on which he can be arrested. Is there NO ONE in the US military who has the spine to arrest this cancer?

  33. Treason is defined in the Constitution at Article 3, Section 3, as consisting “only in levying War against (the United States), or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort.”
    All members of the American military take an oath to “support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; (and to) bear true faith and allegiance to the same.”
    When the military is committed to foreign actions without a declaration of war by Congress, as required by Article 1, Section 8, Paragraph 11 of the Constitution, that is a violation of the Constitution, arguably the action of domestic enemies.
    When a member of the military participates in an unconstitutional foreign military deployment, s/he violates both the Constitution and his/her oath to “support and defend” it, giving “aid and comfort” to it’s “domestic enemies,” committing treason by the definition given by the Constitution.


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