Not All Presidents Deserve to be Celebrated

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Our country has been blessed to be led by great men of intelligence, strategy and ethics.  However, our country has also suffered during administrations, which were plagued by bad decisions and scandal.  Buchanan’s pre-civil war inactivity, Harding’s Tea Pot Dome scandal, Grant’s bought off Administration, and Johnson’s escalation of the Vietnam War are just a few examples of president’s whose action or lack of action in office were harmful for the country they were supposed to be leading.

This President’s Day, is it fair for Americans to celebrate all of our nation’s Presidents the same?  Does every President deserve a party or a day of festivity just because they won a national popularity contest or should American’s take the day to reflect on the good and the bad of each President?  A day to study history and what choices made by the man in the Oval Office helped our country and, more importantly, hurt our country.

Currently, as Republicans continue to investigate, we can be all but certain their efforts will be to no avail.  The reason is not because there is lack of evidence, facts or even documents. It is because there will be no witnesses or whistleblowers who will turn against the Obama Administration.  Unless some brave soul turns against the Chicagoland culture of silence and intimidation, the Attorney General will never be forced to bring charges against those at the IRS, and possibly even the White House who directly broke the law by putting the full weight of IRS auditors and bureaucrats on conservative and tea party groups.

The entire investigation into the IRS targeting scandal has been tainted from the beginning.  The House committee conducting this investigation will continue to be stonewalled. The “investigator” from the Attorney General’s office will do little to seek justice.   Barbara Bosserman is a DOJ Trial Attorney who is a known contributor to both of Obama’s Presidential campaigns.   Ms. Bosserman’s appointment makes just as much sense as appointing Chelsea Clinton as head of investigation into Benghazi or Pat Nixon to head the Watergate probe.

In the end, Ms. Bosserman will more then likely conclude that there was a handful of employees out of the IRS’s Cincinnati office that led or conducted a witch hunt on their own.  Maybe one or two will be fired, but no one will be prosecuted.  Although Lois Lerner is smack in the middle of the investigation, she will not be indicted and prosecuted. According to newly released emails, she was in charge of coordinating the assault on the Tea Party and other conservative groups. Specifically, an email dated June 14, 2012, on which Lois Lerner was CC’d, states clearly that potential regulations of dealing with 501c4 groups were being discussed off plan.  Therefore, as has been the track record with other scandals in this administration, because there is clear evidence of guilt, she will be protected at all cost.

For those who study their history, this investigation was much like the Watergate investigation in 1973.  It too was bogged down. The committee investigating the Watergate Hotel break-in was getting nowhere.  Many people refer to former Senator Fred Thompson’s famous question — “What did the President know and when did he know it?” as the key comment of the Hearings.  

But what broke open the Watergate Investigation and turned the tide of history was not any investigator or member of Congress.  It was a White House staffer named Alexander Butterfield.  During Butterfield’s questioning by the committee, he made the off-handed comment that President Nixon taped all his conversations in the Oval Office. The committee immediately requested those tapes.  This was the “smoking gun” the committee had been looking for.  

To put the icing on the cake, John Dean, the White House’s Chief Counsel, turned on the President and assisted the committee in gathering enough evidence to proceed with Articles of Impeachment.  The rest, as they say, is history.

Unlike Watergate, there won’t be a “smoking gun” that comes to light nor will a major player in the White House come forward.   President Obama has the advantage of the unflinching loyalty of his staff, especially Attorney General Eric Holder.  A loyalty, that if President Nixon possessed among his staff, would have allowed him to serve the remainder of his term.

5 thoughts on “Not All Presidents Deserve to be Celebrated”

  1. We should go back to celebrating one or a couple of presidents, such as George Washington’s day or Abraham Lincoln’s day. Related to this, I question whether America should change MLK day to one of celebrating all those who fight for equal rights, i.e. change MLK day to Civil Rights day.

    1. Look, maybe I don’t know my history all that well. Am I wrong? I don’t mind being educated. Tell me why history is showing that the Civil War was an economic war of greedy Yankees against the South.

  2. Nixon would never have had to resign, if he had the tools Obama has, at his disposal. He simply could have spied electronically, on his political adversaries……just as Obama is doing NOW, with impunity.

  3. Scotty, if you’re going to talk about ‘unflinching loyalty’ without one mention about the boot-licking leftist media, I would have to say you missed a chance at stating the obvious and really supporting your story line. I need only to think “Rahm” or “Cankles” to counter the whole ‘unflinching loyalty’ thing as far as operatives go.

    I’m sorry, but I gotta call BS where I see it. There is no ‘unflinching loyalty’ in DC. There’s damage control and there’s self-preservation instinct. If that requires a whole lotta flinching and a whole lotta leaving, we’ve seen plenty already and we’ll see more, undoubtedly. We’ve even begun to see it in the MSM whose literally orgasmic breathlessness has begun to look a little more anti-climatic as of late. But then who ever would think that damage control and self-preservation would be limited to politicos?

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