Hollywood Sinks Its Teeth into the Tea Party AGAIN

Did you miss the announcement from Hollywood that it is official ‘Bash the Tea Party Week’? Then again, those of us who watch the Tea Party know that it’s not just one week a year that Hollywood saves its venom to attack this political movement. Rather, it’s whenever it can seize the opportunity and rarely is it in a positive way. 

Earlier this week on the HBO miniseries True Blood, two vampires go undercover at a Ted Cruz fundraiser at the George W. Bush Presidential Library and ultimately end up feasting on a guest. On Thursday, famed horror novelist Stephen King started tweeting his disdain for the Tea Party and my guess is either he was given bad PR advice to start issuing provocative tweets or he has relapsed and someone has given him some bad LSD because the day was filled with hate-filled tweets mostly towards, you guessed it, Christians and the Tea Party.

If this were any other political movement group, we would see outrage.  We would see calls for apologies.  We would see demands for bookstores to remove his books and cancel his contracts.  Yet, once again we hear crickets. 

Surprised?  Not at all.  Frustrated?  Completely.  But what can we do?  Simple.  

Send the message with the mighty dollar.   

We have proven the strength of the conservative movement with the support of Chick-fil-A and Duck Dynasty.  Now, let’s show that support for conservative authors and conservative movies.  It’s a known fact that conservatives are the ones buying the books, which was made even more obvious recently by Hillary Clinton’s book and its less than stellar performance in sales.  In theaters right now are two great movies, Persecuted and America, which have great reviews and cast.  Large crowds are being recorded and impressed not only at the story line, but at how relevant the movies are with what is going on in today’s society.  Let’s continue this momentum and, maybe just like DC, Hollywood will learn they need us more than we need them.