'Elect Chris McDaniel' Bus Tour Kicks Off Today!

McDaniel-Bus-Tour-2The first rally of the Tea Party Express’s ‘Elect Chris McDaniel Tour’ kicks off today in Laurel, Mississippi at 5:30pm Central.  Highlighting the stage will be great speakers like Talk Radio Host Lars Larson, Dallas Tea Party Leader Katrina Pierson, News Ninja & TPNN guest contributor Wayne Dupree, Investigative Reporter Charles Johnson, Tea Party Express’s Donlyn Turnball with music provided by Rivoli Revue. 

This is the second time this Primary season that the bus is returning to Mississippi with the sole purpose being to energize the electorate to turn out for Chris McDaniel in his Primary Runoff on Tuesday, June 24.  Other notables who have been in the State campaigning for Chris McDaniel include Rick Santorum and Sarah Palin.

At a McDaniel rally yesterday, an obvious Cochran loyalist tried to disrupt the rally by screaming ““How, with no seniority and a promise simply not to get along with anyone, will you accomplish any of the things you want to accomplish?” According to a report from the rally, John Davis, a retired 77-year-old teacher, shouted at the McDaniel.

“What have they accomplished lately by putting us in debt?” McDaniel responded.

“What have they accomplished? They have accomplished airports. They have accomplished roads. They have accomplished schools,” he countered, wagging his finger at McDaniel. To this disruption, McDaniel reportedly responded, “Get your finger out of my face.”

The GOP Establishment was stunned by Thad Cochran’s narrow loss to McDaniel in the June 10th Primary and have held nothing back from their playbook in regards to the Runoff – rumors of recruiting Democrats to cross over, a high dollar DC fundraiser sponsored by Senator Mitch McConnell and even taking pages from President Obama by calling in a celebrity, NFL quarterback legend Brett Favre, for a Hail Mary endorsement. 

“The senator’s vote in Mississippi, affects my life in Kentucky and I am tired of senators who do not work for the people of this great country.  I am confident that a candidate like Chris McDaniel, who has principles and stands on the Constitution, will be proud to stand strong next to patriots like Senators Ted Cruz and Mike Lee,” remarked Kay Rivoli. 

Other cities in the three-day campaign include Tupelo, Pearl and Biloxi Mississippi.  A full schedule of the ‘Elect Chris McDaniel’ bus tour can be found on the Tea Party Express website. TPNN.com will be covering the event. Please check our site for often for updates and livestream of the rallies. 

TPNN will also be live streaming from McDaniel headquarters Tuesday night, June 24, as the results come in.

13 thoughts on “'Elect Chris McDaniel' Bus Tour Kicks Off Today!”

  1. Just what we need. Someone who promises to obstruct every attempt to improve the lives of constituents, even to the extent of shutting down the government.

    1. You do not have to vote for him. You can vote for the Democrat Cochran instead. Yes i understand he is running with an R next to his name. You wont see any of us at voting stations with guns intimidating people. You wont see us busing low information voters to the voting stations and promising them handouts. Just like we have had to put up with Obamas reelection. You will have to put up with people not voting the way you like as well. Yes i am all for shutting down the govt. if that is what it takes to end the lawlessness and out of control spending. You can continue to be dependent on the government. Take care:)

  2. If (when) WE are to regain America as our Founding Fathers wanted her, and WE as freedom loving Americans desire, WE must rid Congress of the progressive socialist terrorist and the RINOs that are in allegiance with them.

    1. I totally agree with you, but the situation is this I don’t think we’re going to see an election this year or 2016 I maybe wrong on that but from the way things are getting it seem to me that’s where we’re headed

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  3. TEA Party Express is the group that lost two important elections. Lets hope they don’t screw this one up.

  4. What a shame, Let’s re-elect a person who has not changed anything for a couple of decades or try something new. You know even McDonalds gets old.

  5. Keep tweeting..and post more pics from tour..they get retweeted more than anything…twitter will pick up as the election nears..need interesting tweets

  6. When we get power we have to dig out all of Obama’s moles – not just people, but agencies and laws enacted by fiat. We also have to take away and prohibit agency police forces. Disarm them and make it illegal for them to ever be armed again. This was the seed of B.O.’s domestic army. No more shadow government Czars should ever be allowed again.

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