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Obama to U.S. Military: STAND DOWN

Benghazi 2

Fires raged throughout the consulate and nearby CIA annex. In a solitary corner of the compound, the American flag lay torn, singed and soiled. Inside, Christopher Stevens struggled for his last breath of air. He could hear shouts and gunfire outside. None of that, however, was from his comrades.

There would be no help on the night of September 11, 2012.

That was because the U.S. military was given the order from Washington to “stand down.”

In closed door hearings on Capitol Hill today, Congress will ask military commanders with responsibility for forces in and around Benghazi who exactly relayed that order and why. But a closer look at this administration’s record reveals that standing down is a recurring theme. It is an implicit order that is given to the military every day in the Obama administration. It is part of a decade-long dream by the left to neuter our military and ensure that they are no longer able to be the shock troops for a nation that they believe is at the root of the world’s ills.

From Vietnam to Iraq, the left believes the military is an instrument for killing civilians and committing war crimes. The Left long has demonstrated an animus to America’s military. During the Vietnam War, left-wing activists bombed draft boards, threw blood on the Pentagon, and dug graves in the yards of public officials to protest what they saw as the depravity of America’s fighting force. In the Carter and Clinton administrations, this animus was heightened. President Clinton for example faced a stunning backlash over his attempt to allow gays to serve openly in the military, earning a rebuke from military leaders. Clinton, who never served in uniform, had a tense relationship with the military at best.

In Barack Obama, the left has a champion of the Blame-America-First worldview, and a closer look at his defense policies from military sequestration to gays in the military to women in combat reveals how openly he has embraced the politics of standing down. The goal is nothing less than eroding the mission and values of the strongest military in the world and forever reducing its capabilities.

Why, you might ask, would our President wish for this fate? Shouldn’t the Commander in Chief’s first priority be to preserve the leading military superpower in the world? Not if your allegiance is to a progressive doctrine and your associates and advisors throughout life have instilled you an animosity for the U.S. military.

Over the last five years, Americans have seen the repeal of the Don’t Ask Don’t Tell policy. Obama Pentagon officials have taken the next step by celebrating a homosexual lifestyle within our Armed Forces by hosting events like this past week’s Gay Pride Day at the Pentagon and initializing gay sensitivity training in the Marine Corps.

We have watched the longstanding tradition of keeping our women off of the front lines of combat erased and wartime rules of engagement changed in the name of “gender equality.”

Under the umbrella of political correctness, our military was forced to open their arms to radical Islamists who call our military infidels and sworn enemies. Such as in the case of Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan and the Ft. Hood shooting as well as in the case of Ft. Campbell’s PFC Naser Jason Addo who was convicted of attempting to use a weapon of mass destruction to blow up a restaurant filled with troops.

Other policies have been put in place to discourage the best from enlisting and becoming commissioned officers. ROTC programs have come under assault at top Colleges. Military branches like the Navy are being told they will be reducing their tuition assistance programs.

“Sequestration” and the cutting of hundreds of billions of dollars from the defense budget, an idea that was hatched inside the Obama White House, is proving devastating the military’s readiness and morale. Training exercises are being canceled. Ships are being mothballed and aircraft taken out of service.

All of this while our military is being demonized by pop culture. In 2011, well known rap artist Soulja Boy released a video which included the words “F**k the troops,” and Psy a Korean music artist whose fame came to him in America for his song Gangnam Style, released a song promoting the killing of American Soldiers.

Hollywood has also done a great job of villainizing our Military men and women with the making of movies like “JarHead,” “Three Kings,” and the upcoming release of “The Invisible War,” a documentary that aims to put a spotlight on the issue of sexual assault in the military.

The ultimate goal is clear – to neuter America’s military as an effective fighting machine and encourage the development of a global “peacekeeping” force. This is in keeping with the Harvard-Bill Ayers-Ivory Tower distrust and hostility to the American military and preference for a “multipolar” world. The result is an America unable and unwilling to defend its own borders and threats to its people. The war on the military is real. And with eight years with Barack Obama as Commander in Chief, the damage may well prove irreversible.

What I Learned From Vince Flynn

Tonight, after I put my children to sleep in their beds, I stopped for a moment in front of my fireplace mantel and stared. Some mantels are decorated with a pretty work of art, a colorful flower arrangement, or maybe just left plain. In my home, I display a selection of books from the last 10 years on my mantel.

These books remind me of the great voices within our movement, and their subjects reflect the ever-changing controversies that plague the American political landscape. I look at these books several times a day in order to remind myself that I am not alone in this fight.

Names like Palin, Breitbart, Coulter, Malkin, and Rumsfeld are just a few which I choose to put on my mantel; however, tonight, as I looked at these books, my eyes fell upon Consent to Kill by Vince Flynn, and for the first time all day, I allowed myself to cry.

Vince Flynn was a New York Times bestseller and the creator of such great characters as Stan Hurley, Irene Kennedy, Scott Coleman, and Mitch Rapp. To me, Vince Flynn was not only an amazing author; he was a friend and a mentor, never wasting an opportunity to encourage a person to find the magic of her own life story.

I first met Vince in 2005 when he was beginning his book tour for Consent To Kill. At the time, I was just starting out in conservative media and was Executive Producer for The Steve Gill Show out of Nashville. While I was constantly amazed by the people to whom I was introduced, some of them surprised me by their lack of respect for those around them — Vince wasn’t among those people.

Our original plans consisted simply of a live in-studio interview. But Vince’s enthusiasm and excitement were so contagious that pretty soon I, along with several other staff members, agreed to spend the rest of the day at the various book signings Vince had scheduled in the area.

Every person Vince met that day, regardless of how they arrived, left with a smile. Every signature he placed in a book was accompanied by a few minutes of dialogue, and I was amazed at how this man could make even the shyest people leave with a beaming smile and a sparkle of excitement in their eyes. His optimism was like wildfire, and he never expected special treatment. Vince respected every person he met as if each was the main character in his next book.

As the day came to a close, I was beyond words when Vince invited my boss, my then-fiancé (who is now my husband), and me to join him for dinner. We talked that night about patriotism and devotion, and Vince brought great humor and wisdom to the conversation. Never pretentious, always sincere, Vince’s heart of gold and love for his country shone as bright that night as they do in all of his writing.

Over the years, I would email back and forth with Vince, checking on health, family, and his latest book project. It was amazing that Vince always had words of encouragement, and in what I now realize was our last conversation, Vince gave me one of the last pushes I needed to switch from being behind the scenes and casually writing, to finding my voice and recognizing that my greatest responsibility was to listen first and represent people in whatever opportunity I was given. I have always wanted that same ability to make enthusiasm contagious, and I believe it’s only because Vince had the purest of hearts and that he was able to accomplish this.

Read any of Vince’s writing, and you will agree the pages are filled with more fact than fiction. It is apparent that long months of research and study went into every book. He knew his books were his message, and while some might have read them for recreational purposes, I think Vince figured his books would be his way to warn the American people of what will happen if our government is allowed to grow bigger than we can control.

My heart tonight aches for his beautiful wife and children, as well as for America. We lost a great visionary who used his writings, his personality, and his life to help protect the freedoms we as Americans enjoy.

As we have done in the past, we must listen to those who might have left this earth too early. We must take what words, videos, and memories we have of their message and do our best to continue the fight. Vince has now joined the ranks of many great patriots who fighting for good on a whole new level, and while I would have preferred to stand next to them as the battle continues to grow, I know that at the very least they are watching and cheering for us from above.

Bachmann Would Say YES to Secretary of the Treasury Position


You’d be forgiven for thinking that the IRS is busy. After all, they have a lot of work to do to make up the Obama administration’s $1 trillion yearly deficit.  But that hasn’t stopped them from targeting tea party groups and denying their non-profit applications. Or spending time at lavish conferences, recording Stark Trek parodies and the “Cupid Shuffle” dance. And all of this while the Americans they are “collecting” from are hard at work.

But this is what happens in an era of big government, and we should only expect it more often. Fast and Furious, Solyndra, and Benghazi are all symptoms of the bloated federal mass in Washington, too tangled in its own underwear to do anything effective.

Many of us have understood this for years, and have fought tirelessly to pull in the reigns on out of control spending and bureaucracy. Power tends to corrupt, hence the purpose of our Constitution in the first place. Pretend like the Constitution doesn’t exist on a regular basis, and what do you get? You get scandals and misuse of authority on a regular basis.

The key to restoring American’s faith in government is principled leadership of a government that is small enough to manage. Conservatives have been wronged by the IRS. The only way to restore a semblance of trust in the institution is to appoint someone that can be counted on to clean house and keep the rogue institution from overstepping its bounds again.

There’s a job listing at the IRS, with the description: “Looking for principled leader who understands the taxpayer.” I also happen to know someone looking for a new line of work, after exhausting herself fighting for the rights of the American taxpayer for an employer that just didn’t quite get it.

That person? Michelle Bachmann.

It’s time that we really put Congresswoman Bachmann to work. No move could more symbolically signal a seriousness about transparency, integrity, and commitment to the American taxpayers that Obama has claimed to represent than to appoint her as new head of the IRS.

Most importantly, it would signal that when the Obama administration wrongs the American people they are able to own up to it. When border patrol agent Brian Terry was slain by Fast and Furious weapons, the Administration stood by Attorney General Eric Holder and tried to trump facts with political spin. When Ambassador Christopher Stevens and other Americans were killed in Benghazi, the White House sank itself deeper into a hole while simultaneously trying to discredit testifiers. When the IRS unlawfully targeted the very groups that were trying to hold it to higher standards and seek more efficiency and transparency, the White House simply shuffled talking heads to offer excuses.

Conservatives, and the taxpayers that they fight for, are owed more for what they are forced to contribute. Why not a principled leader with an LLM degree in tax law from William & Mary who worked five years in the IRS as a lawyer? If the IRS is to be trusted in administering the behemoth Obamacare, it is time that they tighten their belts and get ready to actually serve the American people – not the partisan political interests of the White House.

This is Not a Scandal

Obama and Jay-Z
I’m beginning to realize that we are performing a major injustice when we call all of the events of the past year “scandals”. Scandals are what soap operas base their story lines off of. Scandals are actions of a President and his intern in the Oval Office. I will even admit that breaking into a private office to search for dirt on your opponent can be considered a scandal.

However, what we are talking about with this administration is the infringement of American’s constitutional rights, the use of the government to target our own citizens, and most importantly, the death of three former Navy Seals and an American ambassador. I consider this to be far more than just scandalous; I consider this to be more in the category of betrayal.

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How Obama Can Restore Faith in the IRS


You’d be forgiven for thinking that the IRS is busy. After all, they have a lot of work to do to make up the Obama administration’s $1 trillion yearly deficit. But that hasn’t stopped them from targeting tea party groups and denying their non-profit applications. Or spending time at lavish conferences, recording Stark Trek parodies and the “Cupid Shuffle” dance. And all of this while the Americans they are “collecting” from are hard at work.

But this is what happens in an era of big government, and we should only expect it more often. Fast and Furious, Solyndra, and Benghazi are all symptoms of the bloated federal mass in Washington, too tangled in its own underwear to do anything effective.

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