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Sneaky Obama and the Illegals

Looks like President Obama snuck 760 illegal immigrants into the State of Tennessee and now Governor Bill Haslam and local elected officials are wondering what are we supposed to do with them? On Friday, these children landed in the Volunteer State. However, the Governor is claiming no one in his office was even told they were… Read More →

Hollywood Sinks Its Teeth into the Tea Party AGAIN

Did you miss the announcement from Hollywood that it is official ‘Bash the Tea Party Week’? Then again, those of us who watch the Tea Party know that it’s not just one week a year that Hollywood saves its venom to attack this political movement. Rather, it’s whenever it can seize the opportunity and rarely… Read More →

The IRS Giveth & the IRS Taketh Away

I am beginning to think the only way we can ever accomplish anything in politics today is to have every year be an election year for somebody. Sure, that means we might never be able to go to our mailbox again without seeing at least 3 trees worth of glossy mailers mixed in with our… Read More →

Houston Mother Angry at Obama Over Immigration

Sometimes the truth hurts however what can hurt more is the messenger. While we might not know exactly the President’s motivation for pushing through immigration reform, like everything else he has done, it is easy to see this latest push is for appealing to the Hispanic voting community. But as Houston resident Bernadette Lancelin told… Read More →

Walk This Way.. Illegally

Wouldn’t $3.7 Billion better be used to build a concrete wall across the border of the United States?  The fence that the American people were promised when President George W. Bush signed the Secure Fence Act of 2006 saying “This bill will help protect the American people. This bill will make our borders more secure.… Read More →

Assault & Flattery:  My Take On Katie Pavlich’s New Book

Come this fall, students at universities across the United States will be starting their new school year. They’ll attend classes with names like “The Evolution of American Women’s Studies,” “Women & Gender Studies,” or “Feminism and the Fate of the Planet.” In fact, most universities now offer multiple fields of study in feminism, gender, and… Read More →

Opinion: Boehner Is the Most Intelligent Man Today in Politics

For the past few years, I have felt almost sorry for the Speaker of the House. I thought of him as a sensitive fellow who needed a good shrink to help him deal with his emotions almost as much as he needed a good tanning consultant. ow, however my opinion has drastically changed as it… Read More →

I woke up this morning in Mississippi with questions – lots of them.  After last night’s defeat of Chris McDaniel, I realized that there is no limit to what politicians might do to get elected or stay in office.  Maybe it’s quaint, maybe it’s naïve, but there’s been a line that even the most ambitious… Read More →

What do you call a Jew, a Black person and a woman in Mississippi?  Simple. A Tea Party Rally. But wait, I thought the Tea Party was only made of white sexist males, especially in a Southern State? This is exactly the lie the left and those in the lamestream media want to continue to… Read More →

Drama.  Something we hoped we left behind in High School but, unfortunately in the world of politics, learning to play nice in the sandbox was never taught.  This week, the name of our sandbox is Mississippi and the two children fighting over the toys’ names are Thad Cochran and Chris McDaniel.  Now, I am not… Read More →

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