Cantor's Loss Should NOT Be Surprising

Eric Cantor Dave Brat

Those within the Tea Party movement should not be surprised by Rep. Eric Cantor’s loss simply because of where we currently stand as a country. We have not had a jobless recovery, despite what Barack Obama says, and Virginian’s (just like the rest of America) are trying to figure out how to put food on the table, gas in their tank and pay for this “affordable” healthcare system. Yet, instead of focusing on these issues, Cantor was pushing and flip-flopping on immigration reform.

While a large part of the problem is the numerous failed and overreaching policies of the Obama Administration, just as worrisome is that Republicans in Congress haven’t stood up to them and done their job. Eric Cantor, just like so many of his colleagues, has not been focused on the issues that matter to the majority of Americans.

While many are placing the blame on Cantor’s push for Immigration reform, it was also his support of large spending plans, votes on tax increases and to repeal the sequester which gave more than enough motivation for voters to look for another option. 

This is one of the largest single Tea Party victories to date, but there are many more to come. Tea Party victories like Ben Sasse in Nebraska, Joni Ernst in Iowa and Dan Patrick for Lieutenant Governor in Texas only confirm that the Conservative voice is not just strong in one area. We are winning across the country. What is great about the Conservative movement is that we are a movement of momentum and just like a snowball, we are continuing to grow with each Primary.

Our support does not come mainly from large donors, as in the case of Eric Cantor, where more than half of his war chest of $4.7 million dollars came from PAC’s and just 2% came from small donors. Dave Brat’s fundraising was completely opposite than Cantor’s in terms of donors. Brat’s $206,000 came almost completely from individuals, with around 30% being given in $200.00 or less increments. Like in any case, individuals usually put their vote where they put their money regardless of whether if it is $5 or $5,000. In a case where the incumbent outspent his challenger 25-1 and yet the final vote numbers had Brat winning by 56%-44%, the people of the 7th Congressional district of Virginia were obviously invested in David Brat.

I just wonder if once again media pundits will be so quick to write off the power of the Tea Party. In the past, the headline was usually written before the election was even called about the end of the movement. Yet, we must remind them time and time again, that we are a movement, not a Party. Do you remember the other movement that began around the same time at the modern day Tea Party? It was called the Occupy Movement and while I hope their disappearance means they went home, took a bath and got a job, truth is, they are gone from the conversation. You never hear of them pushing legislation or promoting candidates who are faithful to their ideals. But do we ever hear that the Occupy Movement is dead from anyone other than a conservative media personality ever so often? 

Many members of the Grand Old Republican Party are not representing the views of conservative Americans that the Tea Party represents. Hence why so many are focused on the land of the Delta. Can lightning strike twice in Mississippi with a Chris McDaniel win? I believe so, as the Conservative movement in Mississippi is already energized and as the race continues to get more and more dirty with Thad Cochran now allegedly recruiting Democrats to cross over and vote. There is no wonder why the latest polling shows McDaniel ahead by almost 5 points.

The real take away lesson for this is that the Establishment has to learn that they cannot live without the grassroots support, passion and energy of the Tea Party and the Tea Party must recognize that the Establishment has the structure and financing that the Tea Party does not. Right now we are having this power struggle within our own family. However, if we don’t quickly find some common ground to unite our side of the aisle promptly after the Primary season is over, then I fear the Democrats will have the ultimate victory.

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  1. You fail to mention that NO “TEA PARTY”, per say put Brat in, it was INDIVIDUALS.
    NO Tea Party group HELPED HIM. They were too busy going after Graham and McConnell. I suppose thinking Cantor was “out of reach”. Unfortunately, ,Ky has CLOSED primaries….Those of us that LEFT the GOP after Ovomit got elected, and filed Independent, were not allowed to vote. McConnell KNEW that and KNEW he was safe.
    So the TRUTH, is that Brat won DESPITE no help from TEA “Groups”!

    1. The Tea Party in not a Group its a thought. So think your mislead that the Tea party did not help, Again its not a group. Its people who are sick and tired of the same old same old. I don’t your independent your a Dem in disguise or you would have know this.

      1. The Tea Party is an idea, BUT it is also the people who support the idea and the GROUPS who try to take credit. Ask TPNN what their stance is on amnesty. Go ahead.

    2. The Tea Party is bigger than you think, it is the American people, TEA stands for Taxed enough Already, Tea Partiers are constitutionalists, the constitution, the law of the land, the peoples laws, the laws that govern the Elected and those appointed by the Elected, the American people want a government which abides by and operates within the peoples laws, and those that don’t are going to get canned, a group No we are the American people the same very same American people that founded this great country and we are taking it back, and getting bigger and stronger every day. we have had it with the lawlessness, the ever increases in taxation, the un constitutional regulation, Had it, done with it,

    3. Not true, yes they didn’t give him actual cash, the TEA Party is not the US Commerce Department with Millions of our Dollars? What they did do was help with the ground campaign and the Virginia TEA Party does deserve most of the thanks but we’re all in this together. Know your facts and remember, money don’t vote you do!

  2. Sorry, Scottie Hughes. We don’t need the RINOS. It’s time to take out as many as we can. Even tho, they control the House they have CHOSEN to give this administration everything they have asked for without a single peep. No, enough is enough, take them all out, NO SURRENDER!

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    1. Agree. Time for honest change. The political pundits have it wrong: Oh, that’s right, they could not offend their large advertisers – and PAC contributors.

    2. I’d sooner vote for a Democrat, than to re-elect a RINO. At least with a Democrat, you KNOW what you’re getting. Not lied to about being for a conservative issue, when the opposite is true.

  3. No matter how the pundits try and spin this; people are fed up with the Washington DC cronyism and the people are speaking out at the polls.

    And should the politicians continue to circumvent the peoples’ voices at the polls with shenanigans then there will be no other clear choice left for the people but to circumvent the polls themselves to have their voices heard.

    Bottom line: The Peoples’ voices WILL BE HEARD.

    1. Yes, if we get off the couch, research the candidates, pray, and then vote we can turn back this liberal tsunami that has nearly devastated our country.

      1. Did you read the article above? Looks as though we just took a pretty big bite out of that elephant. And you eat an elephant how? One bite at a time.

    2. Brat made the campaign about Cantor’s support for amnesty. McConnell does not support amnesty yet was targeted by Tea Party groups while Brat got nothing from the major Tea Party groups. Why is that?

      1. There are organizations that have formed embracing the TP ideologies, what I assume you are referring to in your post as “the major Tea Party groups”. I am of the understanding that the Tea Party is a grass roots movement of the people across the nation and not tied to any one particular group, but more an conservative ideology being embraced by like minded Americans.

        Brat got the Tea Party support that counted and he got it where it counted; at the polls.

  4. I am in the 7th District and a member of the Culpeper County Republican Committee. I have also been a delegate to the last three conventions. The Dave Brat win had no Tea Party input that I ever saw. The win came due to Cantor’s actions in the District and his actions in the other Districts to try to take over by using slating. I also believe his untrue characterization of Dave Brat in his ads did not sit well in the 7th District. If you can find any reports that cover the 7th District Convention that removed Linwood Cobb, Cantor’s hand picked Chairman from office it would be a good read.

    1. Scares you to think the tea party had anything to do with this win. BUT they had everything to do with it.

      1. They had nothing to do with it…all they could do was support Brat, and they didn’t. Now the people that voted for him may have been Tea Party supporters but they had to decide if Brat was someone the could support or not, they had to decide if they could support Cantor or not. If the folks voting decided they liked Brat better than Cantor, that is them deciding, not the Tea Party. You are confusing parties, ideas and people. Not the same thing and you shouldn’t conflate them.

  5. Take caution Tea Party. Destroying an Empire to win a war is no victory. And ending a battle to save an Empire is no defeat.

    1. The TEA party ideas are NOT destroying an empire. They are preserving a Constitutional Republic. The Demoncraps, Liberals, RINOs, Communists, Marxists, Socialists and their “useful idiots” are destroying our great nation. Get your facts straight, Worf.

      1. You misunderstand my meaning! I do not refer to America, but the conservative movement of your nation state!

        1. The Empire is not the Conservative Movement…it is the RINO establishment…the go along to get along…the open boarders mentality.

  6. Why can’t these republican congress persons realize that many Americans are fed up with them compromising with the president and the democrats and helping them to destroy America, a land we love. We asked them to fight for us and they said no. Now they’re starting to lose elections and they wonder why. Quit fighting the tea party and start fighting the democrats, Obama and his socialist press.

  7. What relief to see Uncle Moneybags running off in disgrace. As a liberal I can hardly say I am disappointed to see Majority Leader Cantor bid his fellow representatives farewell.

    You may find this unbelievable , but as a Dem, despite all you guys think about other issues, that I prefer your brand of Republican in many aspects. I am a moderate and agree the government needs to change. Washington, left and right, are suffering from a severe case of incumbentitis. Time for all the obstructionist old farts to leave, and get some new non-millionaires in DC. I believe the entire budget needs to go on the table. Defense AND social programs need to be evaluated thoroughly, by Congressmen who mean what they say.

    America needs to return to what she once was for a short window, only improved. All Americans should be welcome in a revitalized America. There should be no fillibusters, no demigogues, and no obstructionism. Basically, I advocate TRUE liberalism!

    1. That IS why U.C. Berkeley(in California) had invited Rand Paul to speak there(and the attendance went through the roof!)and you had a bunch of young people bum-rush the CPAC convention,they are SICK AND TIRED of ALL of the “establishment” politicians(dems and repubs)who have been selling our country out to LaRaza AND the U.S. Chamber of Commerce!These a**-holes should be brought up on Treason charges as wll!

  8. “However, if we don’t quickly find some common ground to unite our side of the aisle promptly after the Primary season is over, then I fear the Democrats will have the ultimate victory.”

    Well low and behold. TPNN saying the same thing I’ve been saying for a long time. Difference is we should have done it before the primaries. Then all the money spent attacking each other could have been used defeating incumbent democrats. Then those conservative incumbent seats might have been a little safer.
    As it is now the Tea party candidates have to win over not only the ousted Republican incumbent’s supporters but the democrats that might have voted for the republican incumbent. I know it kind of twists and turns, but that is the way things are. There is no easy answer and there is no quick fix.
    You might what to start developing some legislation in case the Tea party does end up in the drivers seat after November. Nothing but a cry to repeal Obamacare won’t cut it. You want to govern, you need to get ready to govern.

  9. Scottie’s summary paragraph, “Right now we are having this power struggle within our own family. However, if we don’t quickly find some common ground to unite our side of the aisle promptly after the Primary season is over, then I fear the Democrats will have the ultimate victory” may be true. As for me, I’d rather deal with a full house of democrats; than a mixture of RINO’s. Remember, each and every one of them are one heart beat from being out of office.

  10. McDaniel must have my area of the state prety well sewed up. Haven’t seen any political adds on t.v. since the primary.

  11. Cantor acting like a 2 year old spoiled brat, doesn’t help him any either. He promptly resigns as the Majority Leader?? I got news for the GOP establishment~keep turning against your conservative grass roots activists, & you will continue to lose to newbies. People are tired of trying to figure out how to keep food on the table for their families, plus pay all the new taxes, & all the other high prices of things, without having to pay fines. Plus the majority of Americans do NOT want amnesty in any shape, form or fashion. We want our borders secured FIRST, then talk about amnesty reform.

  12. I am not surprise at all but we’re going be in a mess with the president because he is going to do something bad to this country

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